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Cloud levels the playing field for medium-size businesses, equipping them with the same technologies as their enterprise counterparts. With the cloud offering midsize businesses the full functionality of practically every enterprise-grade application, this is a market segment prepared to compete.

Thanks to the maturity of cloud-computing technology, the cloud now offers practical, real-world solutions to businesses of all sizes. The cloud accelerates a medium-size businesses’ agility, scalability, and responsiveness. It has revolutionized the economics of the way many midsize companies conduct business.


Top Six Challenges Facing Mid-Sized Businesses


Infrastructure limitations

Growing businesses need technology that scales with them, providing the additional storage and computing power they need—when they need it.


Rapid rate of change

Technology is changing rapidly, and without sufficient internal technical expertise and large IT budgets, medium-size businesses are at a disadvantage in keeping up.


Security and compliance mandates

Businesses of all sizes are facing an increasing compliance burden, primarily surrounding the safe storage of sensitive data.


Keeping systems up and running

IT availability is vital for medium-size businesses, where even brief downtime can jeopardize profitability and company reputation.


Backup and disaster recovery

Medium-size businesses need secure, reliable, and cost-effective disaster recovery and business-continuity protection.


Protection from cyber threats

Midsize businesses understand they must combat cyber attacks, yet most lack sufficient internal resources to combat them.

How can the cloud help me?

Data Capacity

By 2020, the amount of high-value data will double.


Public cloud is growing at 6x the rate of IT spending through 2020. Moving to the cloud reduces costs.



Industry standards must be met for data compliance.

Data and infrastructure availability

Customers need to ensure availability and infrastructure reliability.


Secure data

Customers need constant secure technology; 76% of enterprises are restricting access to sensitive data to limited individuals.

Why Azure?

Data Backup

  • Simplify tape management with significant cost savings, short recovery times, and up to 99 years of retention.
  • Stored in geo-replicated storage, maintaining 6 copies of data across 2 Azure datacenters.
  • 99.9% service availability.


  • Leverage advanced analytics and threat intelligence to detect attacks.
  • Simplify investigation for rapid threat response.
  • Use access and application controls to block malicious activity.

Disaster Recovery

  • Restore services during a site outage at the primary datacenter.
  • Protect Hyper-V, VMWare, and physical servers with System Center and SQL Server Always On.

Build a secure, scalable Cloud Infrastructure using Microsoft Azure